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Annonce Rules and guidelines

le Lun 2 Oct - 18:00
Community Guidelines aim to make you make the rules of behavior and appropriate use in our community. We ensure that the community remains a useful way to bring you a comfort that you need while being a nice platform to share your knowledge, your experience and your ideas.

1. Before placing your subject.
Explore often the community content before posting. If you can not find what you want, open your own subject by clearly setting understandably.

2. Choosing the right discussion forum
Browse all forums before selecting the one that best. Also read the forum description that explains what is or forums.

3. No diversion of subject
Do not turn the existing topics. So it is best that you open your own topic and not divert the topic and check the date of the last post before.

4. No elimination of post
In you register on our community, you agree that we will keep your posts on our community and even for the deletion of your account. Each of your posts are read permanently and publicly view. Before publishing a post think carefully before sending it publicly and voluntarily, because we do not remove a change of mind or on a whim. A delay of 30 minutes for change has been established, beyond this limit your post will be blocked and will not be changed.

5. Personal Information
All personal information published in your signature profile and post will be deleted by the management of our community. Only your age and your social networking accounts will voluntarily swap from your profile by you only. Regarding the termination of your account, as it was stated in paragraph four of our settlement only will keep your posts because you accepted this rule at registration.

6. Publication of the images
is therefore unacceptable to publish or have explicit or sexually offensive images. The images may disturb most users are not allowed. All her images will be deleted without notice at the discretion of the administration of our community.

7. We need your help
If you notice a violation of guidelines by some users. If you see abuse, violations of these guidelines, do not hesitate to bring it to the attention of a moderator through the "Report message" located next to the profile of author and is visible with a "! "On the post.

8. Be courteous
The tone adopted in the posts should be both helpful and respectful. The opinions are welcome, but no violence against ourselves, staff and other members of the forum, as well as any other third party, will be allowed. We have not explained at the beginning that you can exercise the right of freedom of expression and attention, there are limits, and we have every right to review your post and seek sanctions against you.

9. Signature and avatar
Your signature and / or your avatar is not a way to advertise one or more sites, forums, blogs or other. An advertising section was opened for. Your signature and / or avatar will be removed and you will be informed by a person of the administration of this community.

10. Compulsory Avatar
You are obliged to put an avatar to your account. 200x400 pixel format.

11. Unacceptable Posts
> Post empty
> Flood
> Incomprehensible
> Racist and incorrect
> Other to be a violation

12. Protection of minors
Minor users are not allowed to post or respond to users aged over 18 years. For your protection, we ask you not to add or accept invitations from unknown to your account. Your parents will be entitled to ask for evidence (screenshots) about your activity on our community.

13. Information for major
We strictly prohibit add or respond to underage users (-18). If a breach of this rule we would like to opt out, preserve and sue you for unlawful use of our community.

14. Our sections (excluding COQ)
The subjects or even responses to sections outside COCK, you need to write useful messages, the search will not be tolerated. Your message will be archived and you will be penalized with moderation.

15. Our sanctions
> 1 received warning and a caution
> 2 received warnings and a new warning
> 3 received warnings and a ban 7 days
> final Banishment and lock your account

16. User Responsibility
All publications you publish on our community (information, codes, data, text, software, music, sound, photographs, images, graphics, video, chat, messages, files, or other contents) are the sole responsibility of the user to the origin of content. This means that you, and not our community, are entirely responsible for all content that you upload, post, send by email or otherwise transmit via that service.

17. Community Responsibility
Under no circumstances will the community be held responsible in any way and any content that the user or third party for any errors or omissions in such content, or for any loss or damage the kind incurred because of the use of such content posted, emailed or otherwise transmitted via the service.

18. Rights moderator
We reserve our moderators the right to modify, move, lock or delete any item deemed inappropriate or disturbing, and the right to ban or warn any member in its sole discretion. Please do not comment or publicly challenge the decisions of the moderators. If you have any comments on the action of a moderator, please do so via private message. You can post your unwanted private messages to moderators and administrators.
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