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Note Participatory purchase

le Lun 2 Oct - 18:01
Each month, our community needs your help to remove ads, pay the domain name and the personal information protection certificate with an encrypted connection. Today, I propose you to participate in a small participatory purchase, I will explain in detail what I expect from you! 

Why make a small purchase participatory every month?
Our house does not offer us anything for free and we impose constraints, in order to remove constraints. Many of you do not use ad blockers on smartphones or on a computer, many of you want to know if our community is safe and seeks the little green padlock. Participatory purchase you'll send me a month via PayPal, help the community to have better content without constraint. 

The budget anticipated a month? 
Our goal is to have € 18.50 to € 42.80 per month. 

I enjoy the right of withdrawal?
No, this is a gift that will be accredited to this community only. You can make a payment by Allopass that will automatically accredited on our community. PayPal is not available for you because PayPal members judge you can make a donation on my profile only. 

I accept the rules described above. 
I agree that my payment is considered a gift 
I also agree that my right to withdraw or cancel 

participatory Buy via AlloPass: MAKE A MOBILE PAYMENT
Your payment will be automatically debited from your operator may charge a total of € 2 and will also accredited to our community automatically. Send a PM to @Bryan whether the payment has been accepted.

Participatory purchase via Paypas: MAKE PAYMENT BANKING
your payment will be automatically debited from your PayPal account to my Paypal account the amount you sent me and will be accredited by myself manually on the payment account of the community as soon as possible. Send a PM to @Bryan whether the payment has been accepted and accreditation.
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