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Annonce How to Advertise

le Mer 11 Oct - 18:36
In order not to have abuse in our advertising system. We put you in the obligation to forbid you certain content that may be abusive to us and the game brand Clash of Queens.

The advertisement form:
We do not allow anyone to put in place an advertisement card and for the purpose of the logic in order to have a real participation in our community, it is better that this is so it requires you to write new content and adapt yourself.

HTML Coding and BBCODE:
We do not allow the use of HTML on our community for security reasons for our members and visitors. However, the use of BBCODE is possible and its formatting is also possible. But there are limitations.

If your advertisement does not respect the two directives:
Your advertisement will be closed, the links removed from your messages. You will receive a written warning from us and if no improvement after our warning, we block your account definitively!
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